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Areas of Expertise

Healing from Complex Trauma (cPTSD)

Trauma can be defined as “an inescapably stressful event that overwhelms people’s existing coping mechanisms” (Bessel van der Kolk). If left unresolved and unhealed, can severely impact a person's mental health and can develop into e.g. PTSD or

cPTSD, depression or severe anxiety. Repressed trauma can also hugely impact our physical wellbeing too. Trauma is subjective and what is traumatic to one person, may not be traumatic for another. However, whatever your experience is, your trauma is valid. Whilst PTSD can develop as a result of one single event, complex PTSD can develop as a result of being exposed to multiple traumatic events over a period of time e.g. being in an abusive relationship, infertility trauma, bullying, witnessing ongoing parental abuse, being subjected to racism or homophobia. For more about cPTSD symptoms, click here

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I work with my clients not only to address, process and heal past traumas or create an exciting future, but also to peel back the layers and journey into the 'self'. Here, we rewire self-limiting beliefs, challenge the inner critic, reassess and create boundaries for self-care and instil new empowering beliefs which will drive the client forwards designing the dreams they wish to turn into reality.

See my Fees & Services page for more info on Integral Healing Therapy.

Healing from Emotional/Narcissistic Abuse

The effects of emotional abuse can be devastating and lead to a range of mental health issues (including Complex PTSD), which can strip someone to the core, leaving them feeling worthless and hopeless. Healing from abuse can take time, but it is possible and you can learn to break the cycle and live the life that you deserve.

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Are you healing from Narcissistic Abuse? If yes, then here is a message from me to you.

Integral Healing Therapy can be hugely beneficial for this healing from Narcissistic Abuse. See Fees & Services page for more info.

Therapeutic Life Coaching with NLP

Traditional Life Coaching is future focussed, does not include discussion of the past and is not a form of therapy. However, I believe that a more integrative approach is both beneficial as well as realistic, and therefore blend Life Coaching with therapeutic tools such as EMDR if needed along the way, to address any blockages you may have (e.g. self-limiting beliefs) which may be preventing you to take steps to achieve your goal.

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Involuntary Childlessness & Childless Grief

As someone who has journeyed through childlessness myself and the grief that it brings, I know how devastating and isolating this can feel. It is a little understood, yet stigmatized topic which is often invalidated by society, and sadly this only adds to the overall. The grief can be very real and very raw and last for many years, also due to the fact that it is often a type of 'disenfranchised' taboo grief and this can result in it being hidden to the outside world. Part of healing from grief and trauma is the ability to be able to express this somehow, so keeping this buried inside us can manifest in a range of mental health issues and difficulties such as Complicated Grief or Complex Trauma. If this resonates with you, I want you to know that your grief and your pain is valid and that you can go on to live the life you deserve ~ perhaps not the one you expected ~ but a life filled with purpose and meaning nonetheless. 

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My Approach

My Approach


trauma healing and childhood trauma therapy

I use a selection of techniques and therapy tools to form a unique blend of Integrative Healing Therapy, tailored to my client's needs. These include: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing Therapy), IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Technique), NLP Life Coaching (Neuro Linguistic Programming focussed Life Coaching), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Reiki Energy Healing. The majority of my work is content free, meaning that clients do not need to speak about their trauma or issues in detail, rather we pinpoint the exact root of the issue and I apply the relevant techniques accordingly for rapid change. I used a phase-oriented approach, which I like to call Feel ~ Heal ~ Reveal, and integrates the past, present and future, to provide a well rounded and complete healing experience, leaving clients not only healing from the past, but also able to move forwards to a brighter future than they had imagined.​

Phase 1: FEEL

During this phase, I work with the client on stabilization and grounding techniques, in order to feel grounded in the present moment, which is imperative when working with trauma, in particular if the client is experiencing flashbacks or dissociation. Towards the end of this phase and when the client is stable enough to start working on their issues or traumas, we will work through the issues and start to identify feelings, emotions, self-limiting beliefs and memories ready to process. After all, in order to heal it, you first need to feel it.

Phase 2: HEAL

During this healing phase, I work with the client to process, desensitise and integrate traumatic memories and heal the emotional wounds that have been caused as a result. We will also spend time healing the client's self-limiting beliefs and challenge their inner critic and negative thought patterns.

Phase 3: REVEAL

Once the layers of trauma have been healed, processed and desensitised and new beliefs have been instilled, I work with the client to integrate any insight gained throughout the process. With insights revealed and the client able to move on from their past. they are also ready to be reveal themselves to a new, positive future. During this phase, we set goals and look forward to living a life that the client truly deserves and desires.

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