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  • Unless otherwise discussed and agreed, the sessions will be guided by Integrative Healing Therapy, whereby I blend a combination of techniques to include any (or all) of the following: EMDR Therapy, IEMT, NLP, Life Coaching, EFT, Reiki Healing. This may change from session to session and from client to client according to their needs and what is deemed to be most appropriate for the session. For more information on any of the techniques, please refer to the relevant section of my website.


  • All trauma work, including the processing of traumatic memories, will begin with a ‘stabilization phase’ whereby we will work on grounding techniques to reduce negative thinking and anxiety. This is also to ensure you are equipped with the ability to self-soothe during processing any trauma during - or in between – our sessions. The stabilization phase can last anything from 1-3 sessions and beyond, depending on your needs. Healing and deeper level trauma work cannot be rushed, for fear of being retraumatized. Once we are comfortable that the stabilization phase has been completed, we can then begin to process your trauma.


  • Please be aware that healing isn’t linear and whilst processing trauma, there may be times when you think that it isn’t working, or that you feel worse; in fact, sometimes things do need to get worse (temporarily) before they can get better. This is also true of Reiki healing, when a healing crisis can sometimes (rarely) be experienced. This is nothing to be scared of; in fact this is a sign that the therapy is working on deeper levels of trauma and “pulling out the splinters” as it were. A way to look at this, is to understand that therapy can release the pain, rather than creating it.

  • Whilst I am committed to providing the best outcome for you (and will plan and tailor your therapy sessions accordingly to best meet your needs), every individual responds differently and there is no guarantee that your issues will be completely resolved, and within any specific timeframe. The therapy sessions enable you to start processing any issues and working towards a more positive outcome. Therapy doesn’t guarantee a “cure”. There will also be effort and commitment needed on your part, and this may also involve working on assigned personal projects or tasks in between sessions. The power to heal is within you and therapy can assist you in your healing journey.


  • If at any time during our course of therapy you do not feel well or stable, and you think that you may be at risk at harming yourself (or others), it’s your responsibility to contact your doctor or emergency services unless otherwise agreed.


  • Therapy isn’t a substitute for existing medical support or medication that you may already currently be receiving. Please always consult with your doctor prior to making any decisions.


  • There is no specific timeline to healing. Everyone’s healing journey is unique and everyone’s trauma and experiences are valid. There is no doubt that EMDR, along with IEMT, often have rapid, if not life changing results and some people may decide that just a few sessions are sufficient, whilst others decide to continue with ongoing therapy. Neither is “wrong” or “right”, it’s down to the individual, their experiences and their needs.


  • If at any point, you feel that you are not benefitting from the sessions, please do let me know. We can discuss and see if perhaps you are suited to a different approach or technique instead. Everyone is unique and their preferences are valid. If at any point I feel that the type of therapy offered isn’t beneficial to your needs, we can discuss whether to continue or cease the therapeutic relationship.


  • Following on from each session, ensure to take some time for sufficient self-care, sufficient night time rest and drink lots of water.


Terms & Conditions

  • Payment must be received 24 hours before booking. No refunds will be available for no shows or cancellations with less than 12 hours notice. If you’re late to begin a session, the session will still finish at the scheduled time, and still priced at the full amount.


  • Please be aware that anything disclosed by either party during our sessions together is strictly confidential.

  • All sessions will take place via Zoom, Skype or mobile phone. Please ensure that you will be undisturbed during this time by family, pets, colleagues, mobile phones etc. If any additional support is required in between sessions (e.g. via text messaging once per week), this is to be agreed in advance, including the timings.

By agreeing to commence or continue with therapy, this means you have read and understood the

Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.

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