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Credentials & Qualifications

  • EMDR in Trauma Therapy & Coaching ~ Advanced, Intermediate & Basic levels i.e. Modules 1, 2 and 3. Certified by the EMDR Centre London and quality checked training recognition and accredited by The National Counselling Society

  • Improving your EMDR skills in Trauma Therapy & Coaching certified by the EMDR Centre London and accredited by The National Counselling Society​

  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner ~ IEMT is a content free technique for resolving trauma, phobias, distressing memories and PTSD (more here)

  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner ~ Time Line Therapy can create rapid and long lasting change for healing emotional trauma and limiting beliefs (more here)

  • Psychology MSc at Birmingham City University (Distinction) ~ Special areas of interest: Psychopathology, Trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder, Neurodivergency & ADHD, Involuntary Childlessness

  • Working with Emotional Abuse & Narcissism ~ CPD certification via the National Counselling Society

  • Diploma in Traumatology & PTSD ~ City Colleges, Dublin, accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)

  • Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP ~ accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists & International Council of Psychotherapists

  • Expert Strategies for Working with Traumatic Memory NICABM The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine 

  • How to Work with a Client’s Emotional Triggers ~ NICABM The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine 

  • Why the Vagal System Holds the Key to the Treatment of Trauma (Stephen Porges) NICABM The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine 

  • Healing Trauma: Using the T.R.A.U.M.A. Recovery Model


  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner ~ certified by the IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists) & accredited by the Complementary Medical Association​​

  • Reiki Master Practitioner Okuden Level Reiki 1 & Reiki 2, Western & Japanese lineages of the Usui System of Reiki and Master Healer Certification. Certified by the Reiki Academy London & accredited by the UK Reiki Federation

  • Access Bars® Practitioner ~ Energy Healing modality 

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner accredited by the Complementary Medical Association

  • ILM Level 5 in Leadership & Management

  • Advanced TEFL English Language Teaching Certificate (Merit)

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner endorsed under ABC Awards & Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme

  • English Language & Linguistics BA Hons Degree University of Surrey

Certified and insured, I am a London based practitioner member of The Reiki Academy London and a registered member of the NCP (The National Council of Psychotherapists) and IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists).

Over the years I have also undertaken various voluntary and paid work assignments including: working with children with special educational needs and mental health issues for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, as a Life Coach and mentor for homeless vulnerable young adults with PTSD and as a teaching assistant (volunteer) at the EMDR Centre, London.

I offer a complimentary 30 minute telephone call where we can connect and discuss treatment options and packages. There is absolutely no pressure to commit to any sessions - you can contact me after the call should you decide to move forward (please note this is not a complimentary consultation or therapy session). I offer short-term as well as open-ended work, and we can discuss what best suits your needs. Packages are available and some discounted rate sessions are available for those who are not in employment (please ask for availability). Contact me.

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reiki master
EMDR therapist
Life Coach and therapist for childless women
Performance Coaching
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