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Time Line Therapy®

Created by Dr. Tad James, Time Line Therapy® allows you to resolve issues from your past, and move forwards towards the life that you desire. Time Line Therapy® works with your own unique "Time Line" which is stored in your Unconscious Mind. It can heal emotional trauma and limiting beliefs, aswell as help you to eliminate unwanted thoughts and emotions. Time Line Therapy® has the ability to produce rapid results which are both long-lasting and transformational. 

“Time Line Therapy® techniques are the foundation of quantum healing. They empower the patient to release uncomfortable emotions, change limiting beliefs, and create the future they want and deserve. Because of their effectiveness and time efficiency, they’re the key to working with managed care.”– Dr. Bill Martin, Ph.D.

What can Time Line Therapy® be used for? It can be used for many things, including the below:


•PTSD & healing from Trauma

•Childhood Trauma

•Emotional Abuse

•Low self-esteem

•Eliminating self limiting beliefs

•Reducing anxiety surrounding upcoming events and intrusive thoughts

•Visualising and creating future goals which are motivating, exciting and achievable

I integrate this therapy into my unique blend of IHT (Integrative Healing Therapy) according to the client and their individual needs. I can also offer Time Line Therapy as a stand alone service if required.

See my Sessions & Packages or contact me for further info

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