Involuntary Childlessness

Being involuntarily childless aka CNBC (Childless Not By Choice) can be a highly personal, profound and hugely transformational journey for an individual to experience, and there can be many complex layers of trauma and grief healing to work through. Therefore, I believe in using a trauma-informed approach, combined with coaching at the client's pace to be essential for both moving forwards and managing the impacts of childlessness. Focussing only on the  "moving forwards" part - (and ignoring the profound emotions we may experience day to day or processing past traumas that have paved the way to our childlessness) - will often not be effective enough to allow us to truly move forwards and live the lives we deserve, despite our loss.  

Integral Healing Therapy (IHT) for childless women starting at £75 a session. These sessions are tailored to your individual needs, depending where you are in your journey. 

Therapeutic Life Coaching (TLC) for childless women starting at £75 a session. These sessions are tailored to your individual needs, depending where you are in your journey. 

Self-Healing tools workshop for childless women. I can tailor a 90 minute workshop adapted to your needs to include the teaching of grounding techniques, techniques for handling triggers, tolerating emotional distress and managing emotional dysregulation. These are not limited to but may include: self-hypnosis techniques, EFT tapping, trauma based tools and techniques, energy healing techniques. More on workshops below. An individual workshop starts at £120 per session, £325 for a package of 3.

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Social Events
If you would be interested in attending online and in-person social events (in London), please email me here to be added to a waiting list - I will contact you as soon as dates for the Autumn 2022 are confirmed and released. In the meantime, please come and join me on my Social Media accounts on both IG and TikTok.

Guest Speaking
If you would like to book me to speak at an event, whether that's online or in person, please contact me. I'm also available for corporate bookings/diversity training days (e.g. "Childlessness in the Workplace", "Childlessness as a layer of Diversity", "How are you supporting your CNBC (Childless Not By Choice) in the Workplace?"

I offer a selection of one-to-one and group Workshops, please contact me for further information or to book. Workshop themes include the below, but can be tailored to your specific needs: (and are of course tailored to the theme of childlessness)

EFT Workshop: learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This is a great tool which can be beneficial when dealing with any triggers, sadness or limiting beliefs. 

Reconnection to the Self: an introduction and discussion of how to reconnect to the self, followed by a guided meditation and use of NLP tools.

Polyvagal Tools: a brief introduction to Polyvagal Theory and chance to learn some tips and tools in order to manage specific triggers, to ground the self and promote a sense of calm.

Guided Meditation Workshop: a guided meditation workshop combined with energy healing techniques, in order to promote healing and emotional regulation.

Social Media
I have a separate TikTok and IG account addressing childlessness: come and find me at:

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